“If the glove doesn’t fit, then you must acquit!”

This infamous line, spoken by OJ Simpson’s lawyer, is a bit over-hyped. OJ’s murder trial wasn’t decided by gloves. The jury voted not guilty in large part because of confusion over blood samples.

What would have happened if prosecutors had experts testify about the blood’s credibility? Would OJ get convicted? We’ll never know.

But, the whole case shows why expert witness services are so important. Are you considering using experts during your upcoming criminal or civil lawsuit? Learn everything you need to know about the process below.

Why Do I Need an Expert Witness?

So, why would an expert witness have changed OJ’s trial outcome? According to modern-day experts, there was plenty of evidence to convict OJ of murder in 1995. But, the jury didn’t understand the evidence.

Expert testimony bridges the gap between science and the public’s understanding of it.

Investigators matched blood samples from OJ’s car to a sample found at the scene. Experts argue that the chances the blood samples are not OJ’s are 1 in 170 million.

Yet, this compelling fact wasn’t enough to convince the jury. Why?

OJ’s attorney argued that the blood samples had degraded. He claimed the evidence wasn’t solid.

The jury listened, and the defense’s arguments stuck. The biggest reason why is because the jury didn’t know much about forensic science in 1995.

Benefits of Enlisting Help

An effective expert witness uses scientific merit to dismiss a jury’s doubt. The witness’s role is to explain scientific findings in a way that the jury can understand.

Here are a few advantages of hiring an expert witness for your case:

  • Witnesses can point out relevant data
  • They can represent facts and data with visuals, which are convincing to a jury
  • They can cast doubt on the opponent’s claims

Right now, we live in the information age. But, much of that information’s permeated with alternative facts and fake news. Now more than ever, it’s necessary to separate the facts from the half-truths.

Sometimes, an expert’s analysis is crucial in court.

How to Find a Witness to Testify on Your Behalf

Are you considering enlisting the help of expert witness services for your next case? If so, then you need to know how to find the type of expert you need.

First, identify the type of expert you’ll need. Then, you’ll need to start searching for a candidate. You can look online, browse expert witness directories, or enlist the help of an attorney.

There’s also witness referral services that can match you to the perfect candidate. You’ll want to find someone credible, reliable, and competent.

It’s not an easy task, but it’s worth your time.

Finding Reliable Expert Witness Services

Expert witness services are invaluable in criminal and civil court. Without them, a judge or jury must base their decision on their own knowledge. They can’t rely on an expert’s opinion and analysis.

Does your case involve pharmaceuticals, chemical products, or other material analysis? Case Strategies Group has the engaging specialists you need on your side. Reach out to us by scheduling a consultation now.

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