Property Damage Claims

CSG is a leader in the claims management industry with decades of experience in claims resolution and major catastrophic events.

Benefits of contracting an expert damage appraisal consultant

Much the same as any professional, an expert in insurance claims and damage valuation has a certain set of skills and knowledge that may be important whether you are insured or self-insured.


Consultants are experts at establishing causation – an important factor in deciding whether a claim should proceed to be reported and whether the damages result from maintenance-related issues. The investigation often leads to recommendations for changes in policy or maintenance in order to avert problems in the future.


Whether you’re insured or not for damages, a determining factor in reporting of damages or the decision to proceed with repairs is to ascertain the extent of damages and develop a comprehensive scope of the loss. Expert consultants are skilled in quantifying the losses upon which confirmed contracts are based for repair.


Our expert consultants are highly skilled in the analysis of insurance policies. CSG carefully examines every policy to maximize recovery and ensure that nothing is missed.


Expert consultants have the knowledge and access to resources required to facilitate the resolution of claims and damage repairs. They can also help facilitate and coordinate repairs of property with qualified and experienced contractors.

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We look beyond the immediately visible

A crack in a ceiling may indicate movement of rafters. Water stains often indicate insulation damage, making remediation necessary. We examine attics, foundations, and more for potential related damages.

We follow approved restoration guidelines

Often, after a major catastrophe, build code guidelines are updated. Our restorations follow guidelines established by the EPA, CDC, IICRC, and FEMA; as well as local and state specific restoration requirements.

We follow approved safety guidelines

We never cut corners to mitigate costs. CSG follows all regulations that govern repair like OSHA tie-downs, double-cleated ladders, or even fall arrest systems for roofing inspections.

We understand direct loss or damage

Our scopes of repair relate to proximate and efficient, effective cause. Example: uplift shingles and TAS 124 and TAS 126 inspection protocols are standard for roof claims because that’s what’s proscribed by the International Building Code.

We understand insurance policies

We understand insurance policies so we are conscious of mold limits or limits on code compliance and increased costs of construction and these costs are segregated in estimates.

We employ personnel with proven experience

We only employ personnel experienced in construction and engineering to produce comprehensive and accurate scopes of repair and estimates. And, our staff are not paid by commission – they’re paid for their expertise.

We leverage technology

Our field staff are equipped with moisture meters, laser measures, 360-degree cameras, drawing software, and any other necessary equipment to effectively assess and document damages.

We work with local experts

Our field staff and expert staff are properly licensed and/or qualified in the local market and are able to testify about building codes and costs. CSG employs bilingual staff and can produce bilingual reports as needed.

We provide ITV valuations

CSG provides ITV reports where co-insurance requirements require verification.

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A lack of capital should not be an obstacle in the way of a law firm meeting its growth potential. We recognize that costs and uncertainty associated with litigating contingent cases are substantial considerations. Over the past several decades, our leadership team has learned that protracted litigation and the costs associated with it are burdens that many times clients couldn’t justify shouldering. That is why we’ve developed the CSG Partnership Program. Through the Partnership Program, we aren’t simply an expert consultant, but we’re a financial partner that can defer part or all our fees until a case settles or is ultimately adjudicated. This allows you, the attorney, and your firm to focus on achieving successful outcomes for your clients instead of worrying about another monthly expense. CSG takes pride in pioneering new approaches to financing litigation and the business of law.

Expert witnesses are hired to provide details, remove confusion or connect certain evidence regarding a specific matter. However, experts are often disqualified because they have a conflict of interest inherent within a case. When there’s the possibility that an expert witness is biased, his or her testimony and evidence connecting certain events is given less weight and there is reduced confidence in their opinions and findings. In the case of first party property, expert testimony may be less defensible given that the expert may be compensated by a percentage-based fee arrangement. CSG’s expert witness testimony cannot be challenged in this way. Our simplified hourly fee structure is not tied to the outcome of the matter, which ultimately makes our expert testimony defensible and unbiased.

No matter where a catastrophic event unfolds, CSG HQ maintains in-field, situational awareness to efficiently serve our client base in the best manner possible. Whether it’s wildfires on the West Coast, hurricanes on the East Coast or any loss in between, our team is prepared to deploy based on your needs and schedule. CSG maintains a constant state of readiness to support you and your clients across the United States, whether in response to major catastrophes or single events.

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