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From law firms and property management companies to state and local governments, CSG is dedicated to supporting the successful resolution of all insurance claims disputes.

Solutions for the most challenging

claims or loss control needs

Leveraging its knowledge of how claims are managed and evaluated at the plaintiffs’ level, the CSG team has developed a successful and proven suite of consulting services for the analysis and management of legal and insurance claims.

Property Services

CSG offers expert damage valuation services and in-depth insurance knowledge. We provide exemplary loss damage assessment, appraisal of values for insurance-to-value, itemized estimates for insured and non-insured damages, as well as repair monitoring and supervision.

Business Insurance Services

The team at CSG have highly specialized expertise in commercial claims, business personal property, and related insurance coverages, including business interruption valuations; loss of rent or rental value; assessments of diminished value; business personal property inventories and valuations; and more.

Engineering & Expert Services

Many claims may require engineering and other expert services to fully support loss valuations. Subject to approval, CSG engages our proven network of experts on issues such as cause and origin; structural failure analysis; roofing damages; foundation or settlement issues; and more.

CSG Services

Estimating Damages

Our experts use industry-leading technology and tools to properly estimate covered damages, adhering to industry protocols for restoration and application of building codes.

Insurance Policy Analysis

With extensive experience in insurance policy analysis, underwriting, interpretation, and policy application, CSG’s experts, including in-house counsel, view every claim through the lens of relevant policy provisions and a knowledge of the legal interpretations of insurance policy language.

Appraisals and Umpire Services

Amount of loss disputes may be resolved by appraisal provisions in insurance policies. CSG is experienced and certified in appraisal procedures for both homeowner and commercial claims. Additionally, CSG has often been called upon by claimants and insurers to serve as impartial umpires in appraisal proceedings. We maintain association with umpires approved by departments of insurance in most jurisdictions.

Expert Witness Services

Should a claim dispute result in litigation, CSG has experts with extensive experience in depositions and testimony. At CSG, the unimpeachability of our experts and their testimony is of paramount importance

Business Interruption and Personal Property

CSG employs specially-trained accountants and experts who have assisted in the settlement of thousands of claims for loss of business income and/or BPP inventory and valuation

Take advantage of our expertise throughout the lifecycle of a claim.

Analyze Your Coverage

Reviewing coverage available from a claims perspective is often different that an analysis performed in order to under­write coverage. It is our duty to review the coverage available and to assist clients in preparing a claim that provides entitlement under the policy or assists in resolution of contested claims. Items such as costs of mitigation, sue and labor, extra debris removal costs, or many other legitimate sources of recovery are frequently overlooked.

Review the Claim

We inspect the property and/or analyze all claim-related documentation to verify the cause of damages and to prepare proper estimates for recovery of entitlement. The initial claim prepared is frequently deficient, then time constraints, a lack of a vested interest to ensure indemnity, or carelessness can result in minimized recovery. Professional review by an experienced expert consultant protects all parties and ensures comprehensive and fair presentation of the claim.

Prepare a Scope of Damages and Estimate of Loss

Case Strategies Group will prepare proper damage or loss estimates that accord with the facts of the claim. This necessary step ensures accurate claims are made for all costs associated with a loss. CSG has the expertise needed to prepare comprehensive estimates and/or loss calculations that correspond with supporting evidence and any expert opinions required by the specifics of the case.

Create a Proof of Claim

Case Strategies Group will provide you a complete outline of the claim prepared on your behalf and will assist in the preparation of any Proof of Claim required.

Negotiate an Appraisal

In the event that a settlement cannot be achieved, CSG will represent parties in an Appraisal or mediation of settlement damages. Appraisal and mediation are formal mechanisms employed in insurance or other disputes to allow the parties, short of litigation, to reach agreement on the quantum of damages. Prior to embarking on this path, CSG will fully discuss with you the process, risks, and costs associated.

Coordinate Repairs

CSG has built a trusted network of contractors that can assist in all types of repairs, large and small. Our network includes resources for cleaning, remediation, roofing, drywall and more. Through affiliated companies, CSG can assist in project management of the repair or restoration. Given our expertise, clients often prevail on our assistance to arrange and coordinate expert repairs after a settlement is achieved.

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