Mass Tort Case Administration

Avoid the stress and expense related to hiring, training, and managing personnel for mass tort opportunities. Our Mass Tort Case Administration division eliminates your headaches and simplifies everything from verifying and fully developing plaintiff fact sheets through filing case requirements to handling case closure documentation. We make mass torts effortless by eliminating your upfront recruiting costs and case management platform development efforts, allowing you to focus on your practice, remain nimble, and do what you are best at – being an attorney.

Case Strategies Group has a proven track-record for enhancing client satisfaction and retention by utilizing traditional and modern technological solutions. Our Administrative Department and online Case Management Portal is available to keep your plaintiffs aware and involved in their individual cases. We automate standardized reporting and allow you to generate ad hoc reports effortlessly, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground.

CSG will help you monitor the big picture and each of the individual elements that make up each of your cases. We offer a variety of technically innovative, strategically financial, and traditional human resource solutions allowing you to scale like never before to meet any-and-all litigation goals and opportunities:

  • Bridged Administrative Costs1
  • Administrative Call Center
  • Claims Coordinator
  • Automatic Weekly Reporting
  • Document Assembly
  • Documentation Review
  • Mass and Individually Customized Communications
  • Attorney/Plaintiff Cloud-Based Portal2
  • Plaintiff Intake
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Access to Demographic Information
  • Contact Information
  • Case-Related Communications Records
  • Documentation Storage
  • Documentation Execution
  • Case Expense Management and Tracking
  • Attorney Fee Tracking
  • Automated Notification Requiring Attorneys Attention

At Case Strategies Group you aren’t our client, you’re our partner.

Bridged Administrative Costs1 – Case Strategies Group provides interim financing for the cost of our services. Our fee doesn’t become due until case resolution occurs.
Cloud-Based Portal2 – Offered at no additional cost. Attorney and client access 24/7.

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