Expert witnesses are a vital part of any trial process. They offer insight into the most complex subjects in a manner that the hoi polloi can comprehend.

As such, more than 86 percent of cases have brought in various expert witnesses to help in making their cases and influence judgment.

Medical expert witnesses, for instance, can explain human anatomy in a much simpler manner. Consequently, these experts ease the trial process in many ways.

Below are the top 5 expert witness qualifications to seek in your expert witness.

1. Education

The level of education of an expert is a significant issue when picking one. For instance, a medical expert witness who has just a degree will lose his credibility if he goes up against one with a Ph.D.

One ought to make sure that they get the most educated choice when picking a trial witness.

The other factor that comes into play is what school they attended. While education is supposed to be the same, biases arise when it comes to the credibility of a witness who went to an unknown school.

A witness who attended Harvard will be more believable than one who went to Ohio community college in spite of their matching qualifications.

2. Skill

When finding an expert, one ought to consider their ability to apply their knowledge in the real world.

While education can be put in books and memorized, skills are harder to learn and impart. A great expert will be able to translate the learning into action and thereby device ways in which they can interpret evidence to suit the trial at hand.

3. Trial Experience

When vetting medical expert witnesses, one ought to consider their trial experiences.

Research their stands in previous rulings and how effective they were to the legal team. This will enable you to know how to use their testimony and prepare you for any shortcomings they have.

For instance, a medical expert who testified against abortion in another trial will definitely be a suitable fit for a pro-choice trial.

Their ability to be infallible is a great trait when looking into their trial experience.

4. Knowledge

The area of expertise of any expert is vital when picking a great expert.

A general practitioner is a good expert, but an orthopedic specialist will be a great witness when the case is about muscle injuries.

There is a need to get a specialist expert witness to get a better insight into the area of contention.

5. Suitability

The need for an expert witness does not mean any expert is suitable for the role.

They must be able to fit the trial strategy to help one build a case. Qualified witnesses may sabotage the case if their own views differ with the stance of the legal team.

As such, one ought to do extensive research into the expert witness and take note of their ability to aid the case.

Expert Witness Qualifications

Depending on the field, expert witness qualifications are a vital part of any vetting process.

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