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The team at Case Strategies Group (CSG) hopes this email finds you and your family safe and in good health. As you know, COVID-19 has taken an unimaginable toll on businesses of all sizes and industries. If your business has been negatively impacted by the virus and you’re seeking relief, CSG is here to help!

CSG has been assisting clients navigate the chaos created by large scale disasters for over 40 years. CSG has acquired extensive experience helping clients recover from natural and man-made catastrophes such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

CSG will assist to:

  • Review and analyze policy coverage
  • Calculate business income, time element and civil authority claims
  • Support law firms and clients by deferring our fees until claim resolution
  • Provide expert testimony

Our Economic Loss experts are keenly aware of the obstacles and pitfalls that stand in the way of an insurance recovery. Allow us to examine your policy and we’ll provide you a complimentary analysis of your potential insurance recovery options. Most business property insurance policies include coverage not only for property damage, but also for lost earnings resulting from said damage. Getting ahead of matters is proven to result in better outcomes. CSG has the experience to accurately evaluate property damage and resulting business income losses. Insurance policies evolve and Coronavirus contamination may yet be defined as property damage.

In many cases, business can recover reimbursable losses and expenses including:

  • Loss of income the business would have earned had it been operating uninterrupted
  • Extra expenses the business would not have incurred but for the interruption

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