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When a natural disaster strikes, the experts at Case Strategies Group are equipped and ready to assist you, the attorney, to investigate, analyze and estimate any losses to help your clients in their recovery efforts.

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We service clients by evaluating loss, examining coverage to ensure recovery, and assisting in the process of returning properties to their pre-loss state. We are committed to minimizing disruption of lives and income.

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We’ve handled property damage and other insurance claims involving several thousands of claimants, in multi-billion dollar settlements.

Unquestionable Impartiality

CSG experts’ opinions are always unbiased and based on a set of facts and data as analyzed and interpreted by our experts.

Geographic Response Capability

CSG specializes in providing property damage assessment services to self-insureds and law firms of all sizes throughout the North American continent.

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Estimating Damages

Our experts use industry-leading technology and tools to properly estimate covered damages, adhering to industry protocols for restoration and application of building codes.

Insurance Policy Analysis

With over 80 years of combined experience in fields of underwriting, inspection and claims management, CSG’s experts, including in-house counsel, provide expert analysis of insurance policy coverage.


Amount of loss disputes may be resolved by appraisal provisions in claims. We’re experienced and certified in appraisal procedures with the ability to handle homeowner or commercial appraisals.

ITV Reports

CSG estimators have firsthand experience in construction and study local markets in-depth to determine proper insurance-to-value estimates for co-insurance purposes.

Reinspection with Carriers

We do more than the initial inspection and estimates of loss. We attend re-inspections with carrier representatives to ensure continued support to our clients throughout the claims handling process.

Personal Property / ALE

CSG documents and evaluates personal property restoration and loss claims. We conduct thorough inventories and consult regarding policy limits to ensure proper spending of resources.

Expert Witness Services

With significant experience providing expert witness testimony on causation, structural damages and coverage issues, we’re always prepared to support investigations and estimates with expert reports.

Umpire Services

CSG is routinely asked by insurers and claimants to serve as impartial umpires in appraisal proceedings. And we maintain association with umpires approved by departments of insurance in most jurisdictions.

Business Interruption

Our in-house teams of specially-trained accountants and experts have assisted in settlement of thousands of claims for loss of income ranging from complex commercial cases to per diem limit cases.


Over 1 billion dollars in
claims recovered for clients

Hurricane Maria

Currently serving attorneys and their clients in Puerto Rico, as well as local government entities. CSG established a permanent office with 16 field inspectors – all local engineers and inspectors trained and supervised by CSG – to serve the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Wilma

CSG was retained by leading insurers to provide damage adjustments on homeowners and commercial claims including affected businesses and condominiums.

BP Oil Spill

Evaluated the combined claims of the City of Houston, Harris County and Metro Transit Authority in Houston Texas arising from loss of income caused by the BP Oil Spill. The resultant settled claim was $123,000,000.

Superstorm Sandy

Assessed and assisted to settle over 6,300 claims with a total value $212,300,000, including the iconic pier in Seaside, NJ and other widely recognizable landmarks.

Hurricane Harvey

CSG helped assess storm damage for one of Texas’ largest state universities. The resulting claim assessed against insurers was $64,800,000. The assessment included inspection by 3 teams of engineering firms and field inspectors of 680 buildings.

Hurricane Ike

During 2008, CSG assessed and assisted to settle over 2,500 property damage claims with a total value of $84,000,000 in one of the U.S.’s costliest storm events, Hurricane Ike. CSG’s geographic response capabilities enabled it to be one of the first property damage assessment operations on Galveston Island.

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An unforeseen matter that interrupts your business happenings could be unnecessarily costly. With the right business interruption insurance, you should be dexterous to purchase compensation for expenses you’ve incurred and the income you’ve lost. However, opening an insurance claim isn’t always easy.

Despite having a comprehensive policy in place, you’ll be conventional to yield a broad range of documentation similar to you’re opening Las Piedras Puerto Rico business interruption insurance claims.

Furthermore, if there is anything missing from your claim, it could be rejected altogether. When your situation is difficulty because of unforeseen events, you simply won’t have the period to focus on opening a detailed insurance claim. In accessory to this, you may vacillate to entrance the documentation you obsession if your files or computer systems have been damaged.

Fortunately, help is at hand. With a reputable Las Piedras Puerto Rico insurance claims management company, you can rely upon experienced professionals to handle your claim for you. This gives you the forgiveness to focus on your matter and the good relations of mind that your claim is visceral dealt like effectively.

What is Las Piedras Puerto Rico business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance is expected to meet the expense of your company with other protection. When an situation occurs which prevents your issue from operating, business interruption insurance should lid the cost of this temporary pause in thing activities.

Common examples of issue interruptions complement natural disasters, such as tornados, flooding or hurricanes, although insurance policies can vary in exactly what lid they offer. Although you might have property insurance to cover the cost of broken to your premises, this won’t lid losses you incur through monster unable to trade or operate.

Even subsequent to your business is unable to function, you’ll yet need to keep on top of your bills. Lease payments, staff wages, loan repayments, and suppliers’ invoices will anything still need to be paid, so it won’t take long until your cash reserves are utilized.

Although a business interruption can purpose that some or anything of your cash flow is suspended, your situation will probably incur far more expenses than usual. You may need to locate alternative premises from which to operate, instigate in-house calamity recovery strategies and access effective equipment, for example.

If you have the right policy in place, you can open Las Piedras Puerto Rico business interruption insurance claims to ensure these costs are covered. This ensures your business can continue to proceed with minimal delay.

Companies with Las Piedras Puerto Rico business insurance can slant endless troubles if an unforeseen issue prevents them from trading. Recovering from the initial incident can accept months or years, whilst the financial impact on your matter can accept much longer to recover from. In many cases, businesses without closure insurance are unable to continue if an immediate event affects their trading capabilities.

About Las Piedras Puerto Rico business interruption insurance claims

If you have a business interruption insurance policy in place, you might say you will that starting a affirmation will be easy. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually the case.
In order to pay out, your insurance company will require a clear amount of documentation. Typically, the documentation required in in-depth and comprehensive, so it can take some time to collate prior to submitting it. When opening Las Piedras Puerto Rico business interruption insurance claims, you may obsession to give in the following:

  • Recent sales ledgers
  • Tax returns
  • Utility bills
  • Leasehold agreements
  • Payroll information
  • Loan repayments
  • Contracts taking into account suppliers

Accessing this amount of documentation can be complicated at any mature but it becomes more difficult when you’re in the middle of an concernsituation which is preventing your business from operating. If the Place has been affected by extreme weather conditions, for example, your situation premises may have been damaged, destroyed or made inaccessible. If so, the documentation you craving may no longer exist or you may straightforwardly not be skillful to permission it safely.

However, this shouldn’t prevent you from moving deal with with your business interruption compensation claim. With the right hold and assistance, you can ensure that your claim is dealt later swiftly and effectively therefore that your company can resume operations as speedily as possible.

Assessing your company’s pre-claim situation

When you contact a allegation for situation interruption, you’ll infatuation to be dexterous to sustain what the company’s pre-claim financial thing was. This prevents claimants from over-inflating their losses and ensures they gain a fair settlement.

Whilst the documentation you supply should be used to calculate this information, it will accept professional execution to assess the management and make an appropriate calculation. Although your insurers will carry this process out as portion of your claim, it’s beneficial to have an independent assessment too. This helps to ensure you get a fair amount of compensation.
In addition to this, the cost of relocating and/or restarting your thing will need to be taken into account and assessed in detail. As these expenses should be covered by your business interruption claim, it’s necessary they are properly calculated and presented to your insurance company.

When you pick to be active with a Las Piedras Puerto Rico insurance claims management company, you can ensure that your allegation is handled professionally. With extensive experience in the industry, we will undertake all aspect of your affirmation management and ensure it contains total details of every expense you’ve incurred.

Working bearing in mind a Las Piedras Puerto Rico insurance claims management company

Our triumph ensures your affirmation contains everything pertinent details from the outset, thus minimizing delays and affirmation rejections. This is particularly important if you’re waiting for your insurer to take your allegation before you can finance a relocation to restart your business.

If you’re already had your event interruption affirmation rejected by your insurer, there’s no habit to panic. Our specialist team can assess your claim in detail and take action adjacent to your insurance company. This will encourage them to reassess your revised affirmation and put taking place to you to come by the return you deserve.

If your local area has been affected by an rude and/or devastating disaster, the shock, loss, and broken can make it hard to cope. By handing over your business delay insurance allegation to an established Las Piedras Puerto Rico insurance claims management company, you can focus upon your family, friends, and community whilst we handle your claim for you.

To locate out more not quite how we can help your event with Las Piedras Puerto Rico insurance claims management and Las Piedras Puerto Rico business interruption claims, contact us today!

You have claims. We have solutions.